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Okay, let’s be honest here, it’s nice to have that shiny new gym membership, isn’t it? You get to go in and are blown away by the facilities. You want to get fit, so you go at least every other day. This time it is going to work, this time you are going to get fit. You are never going to miss a gym day again.

Now let’s get real. Good intentions are great. They are a way to get us started off on improving our lives. We get motivated, and things start off well. But what happens when that motivation flags?

There is a reason why they try to sell you a longer-term membership at the gym. They know that most people are never going to use the full membership. And, from a business standpoint that is ideal – they get the money upfront, so it doesn’t much matter if you do use the membership or not.

In fact, for the gym, it is actually better if you don’t. Remember, they already have their money. If you don’t come in, that means the gym is less crowded, and the machines are not used as much.

From a service standpoint, there are just too many people coming and going for them to check on who has skipped gym day for the last three weeks running. The staff members have to help those who are actually at the gym or try to sell new memberships.

Why You Might Need a Personal Trainer Instead

Now, if you are one of those hyper-disciplined people who can get up at four in the morning to drag themselves into the gym every day, you would probably just need a westfield personal trainer to check that your form was right from time to time.

For the rest of us mere mortals, a personal trainer could be the difference between actually working out or just lazing at home.  Research shows that we are more likely to follow through with things if not doing so would let someone else down.

That’s why the standard advice is to always exercise with a buddy. But the buddy idea can also backfire, especially if you are partners in crime. Either one of you might end up being a bad influence on the other.

What you need is a partner in exercise instead. Someone who gets paid to get you in shape. Someone that it is okay to hate at times. Believe me, when your trainer is doing their job well, there are going to be times when you hate them.

Somebody who has a vested interest in your personal development and that holds you accountable for your performance. For a personal trainer, it is all about results. There are no year-long contracts that you sign to give them absolute job security. They have to work for their job security.

And, if that means getting in your face at times, they are going to do that. They are going to push you harder and make sure that you get great results. Your showing up is a reflection on how well they do their job.

But there is a lot more to a personal trainer than just being a hardass. They have studied sports science and so understand what it takes to succeed. They can work with you to help you get results in a way that is safe and effective.

What few people realize is that adopting the wrong form when exercising can increase your chances of injuring yourself and give you lackluster results.

In this respect, a great personal trainer and some simple, everyday items will prove more useful to your fitness goals than the most advanced gym.

What To Do Instead Of Joining The Gym

We all start out our exercise programs with the very best intentions. What we often fail to take into account, though, is that making real changes is difficult. What is so easy to maintain when we are all fired up, becomes harder as our motivation flags.

And, while that gym card looks good in your wallet, it is not going to do much to get you off your butt when you think no one is watching.

Why put yourself through all that? Why put off being healthy a second longer? Get yourself an accountability partner. A personal trainer can help you to get the kind of results that you want by teaching what to do and then holding you accountable for your actions.

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